My name is Johan Rosell,
I'm a writer/director based in
Stockholm, Sweden.

I make short films, music videos and commercials. Check out my latest
work and feel free to get in touch if
you want:

Email: johan [at] johanrosell.se
Phone: +46 761270967


Music video for Klingandes new track "Riva". Produced by Crazy Pictures and once again co-directed together with Michael Johansson.

A peculiar cult has taken an abandoned house as their home. Constantly supervised by their eccentric leader, the members live a sheltered life full of disturbing activities and threatening situations. Eventually, one of the them discovers an unexpected way out and soon their entire world is turned upside down.

Dop: Hannes Krantz / Producer: Crazy Pictures / Client: Ultra Records


Music video for John de Sohns summer anthem "Wild Roses".

A lonely slob who subsist by selling liquor to minors dreams of a better life after meeting the girl of his dreams.

Dop: Hannes Krantz / Producer: Robert Melo & Hanna Hannerz / Client: Sony Music Sweden


Commercial for mobile company 3. Aired on swedish television during 24 hours, designed to look as if internet activists had "taken over" the 3 network to broadcast a campaign of their own. I had the privilege of working with the brilliant folks over at Crazy Pictures on this one.

Dop: Hannes Krantz / Producer: Albin Pettersson / Client: 3


Music video for french DJ Klingande, co-directed with Michael Johansson.

The video was shot in my old apartment in Malmö, Sweden, as well as on location at Mon Island, Denmark, in the end of August 2013.

- Over 60 million views on YouTube in one year

- Nominated for "Best Video" at the MTV Italy Awards 2014

Dop: Hannes Krantz / Client: Sony Music France

FÖrsta Strulet (First Base).

Första Strulet is a short film about fourteen year old Elias, who longs after his first kiss. He attends his first party and everything seems to be going well with the girl of his dreams when the night suddenly takes an unexpected turn.

The film was shot during a weekend in my hometown of Linköping, Sweden in the end of October 2012.

Första Strulet has been selected for the 2014th Gothenburg International Film Festival and picked up awards for best script and best actor at Novemberfestivalen 2013.

Dop: Hannes Krantz / Producer:
Robert Melo / www.forstastrulet.se

Fodral - Trees.

Music video for electronic act Fodral's song "Trees". Filmed in Vingaker, Sweden in the spring of 2012.

Dop: Niclas Törnblom / Producer: Hampus Högberg

Mustaschen (The Mustasche).

A short film about a young man who one day wakes up in a strange place without his precious mustasche.

Shot on 16mm in Östergötland, Sweden with support from Film i Öst and Kodak.

Screened at: Uppsala International Short Film Festival (Sweden), YOUKI - International Youth Media Festival (Austria), Art Monestrary (Italy), Tbilisi International Film Festival (Georgia).

Dop: Niclas Törnblom / Music: Jonas Kjellberg